The fastest and simplest way
to improve your cost, service and
sustainability outcomes for
waste management.

Why Choose WasteFlex?

  • Immediate Cost Savings
  • Simplify Your Waste Management
  • Maximise Your Sustainability Outcomes
  • Fast & Reliable Service
  • Full Flexibility To Meet Your Business Needs
  • Largest Waste Management Company of its Kind in Australia

What We Do?

How We Work

Step 1

Understand Your Goals

Wasteflex works with you to understand what outcomes you are seeking by performing a thorough review of your waste management practices.

Step 2

Benefit from Our Expertise to Develop the Right Waste Management Solution

Wasteflex has a team of highly experienced waste professionals who work with you to develop the service solution you need to meet your goals.

Step 3

Leverage Our Buying Power & Contractor Network

Wasteflex has the largest contractor network in Australia and takes your services to market to negotiate the best outcomes for you.

Step 4

Cost Analysis & Saving Proposal

Wasteflex does all the heavy work in analysing your current spend against what you should be paying and will prepare a full savings analysis and delivery timeline for your business.

Step 5

Implement & Manage

After taking a stocktake of all your waste management activities, Wasteflex makes sure you get the best service and cost outcomes from Day 1. Wasteflex operates a simplified model where you get one point of contact, one invoice and one set of consolidated reports.

Step 6

Ongoing Reporting & Continuous Improvement

Dependent on your needs, Wasteflex provides consolidated monthly reporting and works with you to identify and deliver improvement opportunities over the life of the relationship.

Our Expertise

15 Years Experience

4,000+ Sites Serviced Nationally

1,000,000+ Cubic Metres of Waste Per Annum

55,000+ Waste Services Managed Per Month

150+ Contractors Nationally

Meeting the Following National Standards

What People Say

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