Wasteflex Pty Ltd is an experienced specialist waste management company developed in 2005. It provides comprehensive waste management, recycling and related services to customers across Australia, including; single site, multi-site, multi-state and national accounts of all sizes and complexities.

The business model takes care of our customers’ requirements in entirety, offering a complete and integrated waste management business model that provides simple, effective and innovative solutions to our customers.

The process begins with a review of the existing systems and processes that are in place at each site and quickly works towards refining or often re-engineering the service solutions, in order to achieve optimum safety, financial and operational outcomes.

A key differentiator of Wasteflex to other organisations is the desire to identify opportunities to re-engineer solutions to reduce service frequencies and to implement recycling solutions, reducing volumes of waste going to landfill and also the overall cost of services. Wherever possible we try to identify further opportunities to reduce handling time within a business’s operations, to further reduce associated costs.

Once our experienced resources have conducted initial site assessments, the recommended solutions are developed and then reviewed with customers, incorporating the applicable solution costs and benefits and these are then progressed.

Wasteflex has significant experience and an extensive subcontractor network of equipment and service providers across the country at its disposal. This enables the selection of the most suitable and cost effective provider for each particular site and application, enabling a ‘best fit’ for customers, which may also include at a customer’s preference, an existing service provider(s).
All companies engaged are selected by demonstrating their compliance to the OHS&E requirements of

Wasteflex and our customers, and compliance to the contractor compliance management requirements. They must also demonstrate the ability to deliver high quality and cost effective services and to be proactive to initiate change requests and responding to ad-hoc service requirements. In the event that any unforeseen and extenuating circumstances are encountered Wasteflex is able to quickly respond by drawing on this extensive service network.

The leadership team at Wasteflex work cohesively together to formulate and then deliver a comprehensive project implementation plan, in order to efficiently and effectively roll out required equipment and services, as well as the customer service centre, administration, auditing, reporting and finance setup requirements.

The leadership team is detailed in the table below and includes the key functional resources that are responsible for applicable areas of the process, whist supported by our internal resources for each of the functions. Wasteflex also involves appropriate resources from of chosen service providers to further assist and ensure all requirements are effectively and efficiently communicated, implemented and maintained at all.