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With more than 150 years of combined experience the Wasteflex team provide exceptional service and support.

Why waste valuable human resources in your business overseeing waste management when Wasteflex can take care of it all for you. Wasteflex offers you flexible tailored solutions managed by our experienced team who oversee the process from the very first assessment through to ongoing reporting, oversight and reviews, ensuring that you’re getting the very best solution possible as your business changes over time.

Our Management Areas

The National Support Office are the first people you’ll speak to when you call our office. They are experts in all fields of waste and are there to provide rapid responses and support to ensure our customers are taken care of at all times.

They’re also responsible for making minor changes to service deliveries when customers request them.

The Operations team are one of our internal teams that oversee things behind the scenes. They’re responsible for consolidation of reports, benchmarking and reviewing analytics to ensure that every account nationally is managed exceptionally well.

They are also the team who are responsible for supplier engagement.

Our Key Account Managers’ are completely focused on innovation and forward thinking. Their job is to be dedicated to managing, maintaining and developing client accounts or portfolios using a proactive approach. The day to day management of an account is taken care of by other members of our team so the Key Account Managers can focus on the bigger picture of helping our clients achieve best practice now and into the future.

The Business Development Management team is essentially our Sales team. They are friendly, focused waste management industry experts who go through our 6 step process with you; getting to know your business in detail so they can ensure the best, most effective solution. Analysing your needs, while keeping things as simple as possible for you is their forte.

Our Compliance managers are the ones who oversee the suppliers who are servicing your business. They are responsible for ensuring that all suppliers are fully certified and insured so you have nothing to worry about.

Part of this role includes auditing supplier facilities to ensure that the service we promise will be delivered is what is actually happening on site.

Through our pre-qualified network of over 150 suppliers we can provide you with almost any service you need, anywhere in Australia. These contractors are constantly being overseen and audited by our team to ensure that they are providing you with the highest quality service possible.

Every supplier is fully insured and compliant with all regulations including National EPA guidelines so you can rest assured that your business is doing everything right in terms of waste management.